Friday, July 15, 2011

film friday

I love film. This week was polaroid week over on flickr and the boy and I have been thinking of little but taking, looking at, and coming up with ideas for polaroids. Looking through everyone's pictures is so very inspiring.

Sometimes I feel like my experience with taking photos has been a little bit backwards. I started off with a digital SLR because that's what made the most sense. And I loved that camera and still do. It helped me get a feel for taking pictures because I could see my results immediately. But when I saw other people's photos, the ones I felt drawn to were not from digital cameras. So I started using film... then I started taking polaroids.... then I got a land camera and started taking polaroids with peel apart film! It involves lugging around multiple cameras and film and equipment, but the results make me happy. I love the scratches, fuzziness, vivid colors and unpredicability of it all.

Some of my favorite pictures to look at are old. Really old. I love looking through the old black and white family photos my mom has, so I thought I'd start featuring some of them here. These are the sorts of images that inspire me.

Starting things off...

These are two images of my great grandfather. I love the tilt of his hat and severe expression in the first picture. He looks like a bit of a dandy in these pictures, but he was actually a farmer. My mom grew up visiting the farm and I have plenty of beautiful pictures of that place to share at some point.

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