Friday, August 7, 2009

things to come...

Today was one of those horrible work days when nothing seems to go right. To cheer myself up, I'm thinking about the things I want to do this weekend when I'm free from work tomorrow afternoon.

1. Go on a walk to pick wildflowers.
Everywhere I drive right now I see the most wonderful wildflowers growing beside the road. Queen Anne's Lace is particularly vibrant along the highway. But, since going for a stroll along the highway doesn't seem like a very fun idea, I'd like to find some quiet little path far away from people (except the ones I like) that leads to a perfect bouquet. 

2. Go swimming.
Since the beach seems so far away and such a hassle at times, I've been settling for a friend's lake. It's gorgeous and cool and quiet and SO relaxing. I do still want to make it to the beach at least once, though. Can you believe it's already August? I can not. 

3. Go blueberry picking.
Is it bad that a big part of the reason I want to go is so I can take pictures? Of course, I'm also looking forward to making some delicious treats afterwards (blueberry pancakes anyone?). But the place where I like to go is so beautiful and picturesque that I think I'm going to struggle my way through the patch with far to many cameras. 

So there. Those are a few things to tide me over until I'm free at three o'clock tomorrow.