Friday, July 1, 2011

distracted by the real world

My internet connection has been quite moody this past week, which accounts for the lack of posts around here... at least in part. There are other reasons too. Things like fireworks... lemonade... picking the last of the strawberries... drinking the most delicious iced coffee... and reading good books. All of these summer things. It truly seems like summer to me now, I think because of how the nights feel. More of the day's heat is left over and all the night noises sound like July.

So, I'm happy to be away from the computer these days, but when I'm around, these are the things I've noticed.

I want to make this and this and then create amazing veggie sandwiches.

Since July is my birth month, I couldn't resist checking out my horoscope. (via Gala Darling)

This mug is seven different kinds of awesome. Seriously.

I have been drooling over this tumblr page for a while now. Not surprising given my extreme love of breakfast.

You know those strawberries I mentioned? I had plans to freeze all of them to be enjoyed in smoothies, but then I spotted this. Gorgeous!

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