Wednesday, June 13, 2012

june days

June is going by quickly. The garden is green and full of peas and we are fighting (and sometimes losing) a battle against the weeds.

I have been making things. Jam and cheese and baked goods.

We went strawberry picking on Monday. Berries are tricky. I always wonder if we've gotten enough, but we made a double batch of jam and froze a whole big bag of them and then I made a pie and we STILL have a huge box taking up space in the fridge. I'm not complaining, but it turns into something of a race against time, trying to find things to do with them before they go bad. We still have more jam making to do.

I have finally reopened my shop. There are only a few scarves there right now, but other items should be up soon. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

monday music: they might be giants

I heard this song over the weekend and have found myself humming it ever since. The boy and I actually went to a They Might Be Giants show a few months back and had a great time, even though we hadn't heard much of their music before. This was one of my favorite songs they played.