Tuesday, February 16, 2010

snow and cookies

Last week's blizzard ended up being a total flop around these parts, leaving barely any snow behind. But, with very little fuss or excitement, snow came upon us quietly last night and today everything is fresh and white. And I am prepared to sit inside this afternoon with a new book and a plate of these.

I was inspired to try out this recipe by the half full bags of chocolate chips floating around our pantry. It's a rare thing in our house not to have a bag of them lying around somewhere, and we have a habit of opening them whenever chocolate cravings take hold... which happens quite often in a house full of girls.

These cookies are a perfect blend of chocolatey goodness. That's not a very eloquent description, I know, but just trust me when I say that they're good. Really good. And you should probably go make some now.

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