Monday, February 8, 2010

monday music: love mix (all around day one)

I have something a little bit special planned for this week. For each day from now until Valentine's I will be doing a picture post with the theme of love in mind. I know there are plenty of people out there who don't particularly enjoy this day, and I must admit there have been years when I wasn't all that thrilled about it either. But for the most part it's something I really like to have fun with, and this week I wanted to share some images of what it represents for me. But since today is Monday and I usually do a music post, I decided to make a love-themed mix to get things started!

For almost three years now I've had a radio show at the local college station. And for each of those years I've done a special Valentine's Day show. Of course, since love songs are so plentiful, it can be hard to choose which ones I want to play! But there are a few I keep coming back to each year as favorites for one reason or another. I hope you enjoy these sweet songs as much as I do.

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