Tuesday, January 26, 2010

a bit of a one track mind

I've had food on the brain lately. Specifically breakfast.

It's always been my very favorite meal of the day. I consider myself an expert when it comes to pancakes, french toast, omelets and home fries. But recently I've begun to enjoy a completely different type of breakfast. One that is simpler by far but no less exciting or satisfying. These days, I get just as worked up about the idea of rice cakes with nut butter as I do over far more elaborate meals. Having my morning cup of tea never fails to make me feel cheerful.

It's partially the season, I think. January is so moody and grey at times that the bright spots of color I see sometimes only show up on the tabletop. But even more than that, it's the inspiring food photos that keep popping up in my flickr groups or on my favorite blogs. I think it's this sort of inspiration that prompts me to start asking The Boy what we should have for breakfast by mid afternoon the day before. And I realize all this wittering on makes be sound like a giant food dork... but I think that's maybe what I'm turning into. And I think that maybe it doesn't even bother me at all. I mean, really, when there are swoon worthy pictures like these to look at, how could I be anything else?

P.S. I would be absolutely remiss in writing a breakfast post without mentioning Jennifer Causey's simply breakfast blog, which is currently set as my homepage. See? Dork. Total dork.

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