Tuesday, March 8, 2011

planning ahead

So maybe there's still some snow on the ground, and maybe the sunshine only looks warm, I still can't help but plan ahead. March makes me think of summer plans, however premature they may be. So while hot tea and scarves are my main staples right now, my head is full of summer wardrobe dreams.

This is the year I will buy a decent pair of gladiator sandals. This pair from J. Crew is top on my list at the moment.

The trouble with sunglasses is you never know if they'll suit your face until you try them on... that doesn't stop me wanting this pair.

I'm ever so fond of this striped linen tank top.

I wouldn't normally be drawn to so many bright colors (indeed, my wardrobe abounds in neutrals), but these stripes are so cheerful! I see this top and imagine eating ice cream cones in July. It's a very welcome image.

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