Sunday, October 17, 2010

sunday sunday

Today was the sort of Sunday that was full of my favorite things.

Sunny blue sky and bright leaves.

Wool sweaters and scarves and my favorite boots.

A trip to the flea market after weeks away.

Fabric scraps in all different colors.

The Farmer's Market.

Going to the Farmer's Market has become a weekly activity for us over the past few months, but now it's drawing to a close. We went today and tried to soak up as much of the fun and atmosphere as possible to carry us through the winter.

Each week has a different theme or highlight. Today was locally brewed beer.

I don't like beer, but it looked so nice I thought I might like this Russian Stout better. But I didn't.

Tomatoes are looking sad these days. Now it's time for the root vegetables to shine.

Here is a peek at my new scarf. It's made from lovely alpaca wool. So soft.

If I'm being completely honest, there is one thing in particular that draws us here from week to week.

Farm to Hearth makes the most amazing pizza I've ever had. Not only is the crust delicious, but each week they come up with creative new topping combinations to highlight what's for sale at the market. This week I had kobocha squash and brussel sprouts. Maybe not two things you'd expect to find together... or on top of your pizza, but it works! Here's a close up.


They also make pretty pendants.

And now they've started making cookies. I think these are the best cookies I've ever had.

Can you see the sea salt scattered over the top? That tag is no joke.

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