Monday, October 4, 2010

monday music: communist daughter

In case the lack of posts around here hasn't already clued you in, I've been a bit busy lately. Too busy to spend much time blogging... too busy to do anything worth blogging about! Back in August I decided to take the leap and signed up to have a table at the local Country Fair selling some of the things I'd been making. Yesterday was the big day and I'm really glad I did it, but all of my attention and energy has been focused on that goal! Now that it's finally over I'm ready to take it easy, for a little while at least. I have some pictures and more info to share about this little venture of mine, but right now it's time for some music.

I've been listening to a lot of music these past few weeks while sewing and it's been really nice to get back in touch with what's new. One of my favorite discoveries was the band Communist Daughter. I know very little about them, but their sound is beautifully soft and heartfelt. It's classic and original all at once. You can listen to a bunch of their music here, and I highly recommend you watch the video below. It's a live performance of my favorite song, Speed of Sound.

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