Monday, August 9, 2010

just a hint

I don't want you to get the wrong idea from this post. I am still quite thoroughly immersed in summer. I have by no means had my fill of barefoot beach days and iced coffee, or roaming the farmer's market and deciding that fresh melon is a perfectly acceptable dinner. Over the past few years winter has succeeded in chilling my bones so completely that, even during this wickedly hot summer, I am happy to soak in the sun.

But it's that time of year again. Knits are suddenly appearing everywhere, along with book bags and all manner of cozy things that are somehow reminding me that fall exists as something else besides "that season before winter". I'm not ready to embrace the changing leaves quite yet, but my thoughts are ever so slightly occupied with what to do when we get there. Or what to buy, anyway.

I believe I've mentioned my outerwear obsession here before. Autumn is when it's hardest to resist. Take this blazer for example. I have no real need for another blazer, and it's black which is just like asking every cat hair lurking about my house to jump on and take a ride... but I totally love it. I think it's the sleeves that get me, and the name, "Brief Meeting Blazer".

Normally I'm not much of a ruffle person, but I like them on this coat. It's like a mixture of frills and no nonsense military garb.

I have loved this jacket for quite some time now. I tried it on in the store just to torture myself. This mixture doesn't do it justice. It would be perfect for outings when the evenings have gotten brisk.

Tights 1 and tights 2. I want both so very badly.

I am such a sucker for anything involving corduroy.


Deborah said...

<3 corduroy. I love beautiful autumn, it's a great time for shopping, too bad it's a herald of winter.

mariclare said...

hi maiga! i love all of these! and i totally get what you mean about fall lurking around the corner, but i'm so not ready to stop soaking up the summer.