Wednesday, June 2, 2010

all these things

Today was full of all these things and more.

1. Setting our little plants outside to get used to sun and rain before we plant them. The tomatoes are positively leggy at this point, and the basil has just started to look like real plants instead of tiny sprouts. Today some romaine lettuce was added into out garden to be.

2. A rhubarb concoction that I plan to post more about tomorrow. Doesn't it look yummy?

3. A cheeping box arrived at the post office a few days ago. My brother is adding to his flock of chickens, which means that these little fluffballs are currently taking up residence in my parent's living room. They are at their very cutest right now, but they still manage to be just as canny and inquisitive as full grown chickens.


Missing Goat said...

my dream is to have chickens - but I think I will wait till next year - maybe. I love your images - are you taking these? they're beautiful.

Moocy said...

Thank you! And yes, the images in this post are mine.