Wednesday, March 24, 2010

care for a scone?

I have a bit of a history with scones. At the Co-op where I work, freshly baked scones are delivered twice a week... and I work both those days. There was once a time when I hovered near the baked goods aisle, hungrily awaiting their arrival. I have been known to eat not just one, but two scones in the same day. It is probably important to note that the scones I'm talking about are not particularly small or dainty. These are hearty scones of the stick to your ribs variety. You really don't need two. Eventually my stomach protested and I was forced to impose a no scone rule upon myself.

But lately I've started thinking, doesn't it really makes more sense to have a no buying scones rule? Surely baking them every now and then couldn't do any harm.

Definitely not harmful.

I spotted this recipe over on Orangette earlier this week and decided today was the day for a little baking. As you may notice I did a bit of tinkering with the recipe because I wasn't really in the mood for dried fruit. Instead of apricots I added in a cup of frozen blueberries after the dough had been mixed together a bit. Messy, but worth it.

The berries on top have a tendency to just balance there rather than sinking into the dough, but I'm really not complaining. And since these are made partially with whole wheat flour and don't have an outrageous amount of sugar in them, I don't even feel guilty about breaking my own rule.

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