Saturday, June 18, 2011

camera love

This is a rare Saturday post for the purpose of gushing over my new favorite camera.

A while back I finally got my hands on a Pentax K1000, a camera I'd been wanting to add to my collection for quite some time. I finally got my first two rolls from it developed and I'm definitely happy with the results. I feel like the colors pop a bit more than with my Minolta, and the focus is great. Most of all, it has my favorite quality in a camera, something unknowable and hard to describe. When I look at these pictures I see my framing work and choice of focus and subject, but it's like when I click the shutter the camera takes over and adds it's own special quality into the mix. It's a specific look or feel.... it's the sort of thing that happens with polaroids and makes me love them so much.

So yes, this is the camera I see myself carrying around this summer. I'm hoping to capture a lot of fun moments through this lens.

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