Friday, January 21, 2011


ice days
(Check out our monster icicle!)

This morning we awoke to yet more snow. Light and fluffy stuff this time, but when I tried to go to work the roads were filled with so much slush that I had to turn around and come home. So I found myself snowbound... again. I'm started to feel a bit cooped up, spending all my days indoors. It's far too cold to actually enjoy being outside, but I miss the fresh air. I'm pouring over seed catalogs and dreaming of warm places. Yes, it's that time of year. Winter has started to grow old.

Here are some things that brightened my day.

These pictures made me want to run to the nearest greenhouse and buy a bouquet of freesia.

This show is keeping me entertained.

I am hoping that someday I'll be able to crochet this blanket.

Today's tea of choice.

These pictures remind me of how much I want to visit New Zealand (via Gala Darling).

Happy weekend!


Red Boots said...

Oh no - I feel for you! I got snowed in for 6 days (SIX, yes, six days!) in December:

I had definite cabin fever - I was going crazy!!

Hope you get out soon! x

Moocy said...

Oh my! That's a long time! This winter seems to be dumping crazy amounts of snow everywhere. Can't wait for spring!