Wednesday, January 5, 2011

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Do you like reading books?

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Since ringing in the New Year I've basically been lazing around on the couch, watching far too much TV and battling a cold. It's hardly how I envisioned beginning 2011, but at least it's given me plenty of time to think about my resolutions and goals for the year. Towards the top of my list is what I consider to be a fun one; read 100 books.

There was a time when this goal would have been easy for me. I'm a fast reader, and for many years I didn't go anywhere without a book in hand. I have a deep love for fantasy, and I tore through our library's YA section at an amazing rate. But these past few years have been busy and it's taken a toll on my book count. Seeing as, for the most part, my time has been taken up by things that are new and exciting I can hardly complain. But still, there's a big part of me that misses how much time I spent being completely lost in a good book. So this year I'm going to make more time for the written word.

And I must say I'm off to a great start, with a book that combines my love of food with my fondness of France, and a series that kept me up until 3 am.

The first book is Julia Child's My Life in France. Perhaps I shouldn't count this one yet since I haven't actually finished it, but I'm enjoying it immensely so far. Her descriptions of food are so loving that I find myself drooling over dishes I'd never actually be tempted to try if they were set before me. I remember watching reruns of her cooking shows when I was little, but I never knew much about her life. It's wonderful to read this book and learn what an adventurous, passionate and funny women was behind all those recipes.

I've been hearing the buzz about The Hunger Games for months, but still didn't know very much about the plot when I started reading the first book. So I really had no idea what I was getting myself into! This trilogy is one of the best things I've read recently and officially made it onto my favorites shelf the moment I was finished. They are intense, brutal, believable and completely addicting. When I love something very much I tend to lose my abilities of description in favor of hand gestures and words like "Gah!" Not that that's actually a word, but you get my point. For a good plot description don't listen to me, instead go here. I will say that Katniss is a believable and brilliantly flawed protagonist who's view of the world around her ensnares you completely from start to finish. And it doesn't end there, the characters around her are just as fleshed out and interesting as she is. If I sound like I'm gushing, well, it's probably because I am. I may spend a lot of time around here posting polaroids and wish lists, but my true love is a good read. And these books were certainly that.

So, 4 down, 96 to go!

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