Monday, September 13, 2010

summer escape

Way back in July, we escaped to Martha's Vineyard for few days. Now that I've finally gotten all my film developed I figured it was time to share some of our best shots here. With the days getting colder it's nice to look back on some of my favorite moments from summer. Warning! This post is very image heavy.

Naturally, the majority of our time was spent on the beach. Deb brought us to some of the prettiest beaches on the island and we spent the hottest parts of the day jumping into the waves and reading on the beach.

(I got the boy Tom's shoes for his birthday and they came on the trip with us. Unfortunately a seagull pooped on them our first day there. Isn't that supposed to be good luck or something?)

We tried our hands at skipping stones.

Somebody's feet got sunburned!

We stopped by the farmer's market and looked at a bunch of pretty plants and flowers.

There are lots of little roadside stands all over the island selling fresh fruits and veggies. This one had a cut-your-own
flower garden!

I got to try out ID-UV film for the first time while we were there. Deb was a good sport, splashing in the waves and sitting in the sand until I got things just the way I wanted.

(The boy took this shot "behind the scenes shot". I get a kick out of it because I'm pretty much the same color as the sand! I managed to return home looking a bit more tan.)

We ate lots of good food while we were there. The popover below was absolutely amazing! So light and fluffy. We also
went to a make-your-own pizza night at the Orange Peel Bakery.

We spent some time hanging out in the trees at Ceder Tree neck.

It was hard getting back on the ferry, but it was a perfect mini vacation.

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JMay said...

LOVE these pictures, it looks soooo fun too!