Sunday, April 14, 2013

april love

Things that made me happy over the past week...

  • A few sunny days with temperatures into the 70s
  • Bright pink smoothies
  • Homemade scones and tea in my new favorite mug
  • Daffodils blooming in our front yard
  • My first day working a job where I will get to be outside all the time
  • My second mixed aerials class at the circus studio
  • Watching our collection of seedlings grow and grow
  • Sharing a pint of salted caramel of gelato and watching Top Gear
  • The potted ranunculus that now lives in our sunroom
  • Planning what to do and see on our trip to Asheville next weekend

It was a pretty good week. I think April has all the makings of a stellar month.

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