Wednesday, January 23, 2013

daily food

I've been doing my best to give up both dairy and sugar this month. Just a month, how hard can that be? That's what I keep telling myself. But it is hard. These two things are very hard to avoid... it's very hard to want to avoid them. Overall I think I've done well. There have been a few lapses (brownie crumbs don't count as sugar if you didn't actually eat the whole brownie, right?), but I feel good about my efforts.

The only problem is that my recipes folder has nearly tripled in this time. Instead of eating cookies and cupcakes and cheese, I've spent a great deal of time drooling over recipes that I want to make when this month is over. I'm pretty sure anyone who follows me on Pinterest must hate me for the constant stream of sugary goodness. There have been some healthy recipes mixed in there as well, but I'm afraid they are in the minority.

The above picture is proof that (when I'm not overcome by the crazy sugar cravings) I have actually been enjoying my healthy menu. My breakfast of choice lately has been quinoa. This morning I topped it with almond milk, apple, chopped walnuts, cinnamon and coconut oil. And a tiny bit of maple syrup. The picture doesn't quite do this breakfast justice so you'll have to take my word for how delicious it was.

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