Friday, March 16, 2012

friday and things i like

Despite the lovely (and unseasonable) weather of this past week, I'm glad that it's coming to a close. Changing weather and clocks makes me toss and turn at night. I am looking forward to Sunday, when I will finally be able to sleep in.

For now, here are some things I like.

I just splurged and ordered this swimsuit. Hopefully it looks as nice in person.

This piece on creating a tea ritual. It inspires me to take more time with my own morning cup. Speaking of that....

We just bought this tin of tea. It has such nice packaging!

These sunglasses.

I've been experimenting with sourdough. I have two starters sitting in my refrigerator. I've named them Fanny and Theo. This popover recipe and this waffle recipe were both highly successful.

In case there weren't enough mentions of food in this post, I thought I'd mention how awesome this book looks.

Kate wrote a great post about why you should pay attention to where your eggs come from. You should check it out.

That is all. Next week I shall be back with more film and, hopefully, tales of planting peas in the garden.

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