Monday, October 3, 2011

monday music: caesars

Well, now it's October. While the weather is still pretty mild, there's a definite chill in the air and the night seems to creep in earlier each day. I was pretty resistant to this happening but I think I'm finally starting to remember all the wonderful things fall has to offer. I've been snacking on crisp apples, going on hikes and looking up root vegetable recipes. So fall is okay, I guess. As long as we don't talk about winter yet.

Fall is such a terribly nostalgic time for me. I think of the summer that's past, but also of all the autumns that went before. I have memories of very distinct moments in this season. This song by the Caesars has always captured my feelings about this time of year very well. Partially because of the lyrics ("Like September's coming on, summer won't be back for long."), and partially because I feel the music itself captures this season very well. When I listen I can't help but think of cold coming with dusk, changing leaves and so many other little signs that mean it's truly autumn.

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