Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the explorers

Today we let the cats outside for the first time. Every time we went out to work in the garden they would sit in the window and make sad noises. Now that we live on a quiet street we decided they'd be much happier if they were allowed outside to explore.

After so much time spent trying to sneak past us whenever we opened the door, they hardly knew what to do when we invited them out. Soon they were sniffing their way around our yard. Kari was more cautious, staying close to us and the house, but Lola was quick to find a bit of dirt to roll around in and a few plants to nibble on. Now they are curled up and sleeping after their adventure.

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Annie said...

Kitties! I remember the first time I let Gretta out on the porch with me. She was extremely wary of the whole "outdoors" thing at first, but then she found a sunny spot and settled right in.