Monday, March 23, 2009

monday music: the decemberists

Last week I was, sadly, feeling too uninspired to make a music post. Sometimes nothing really captures you fancy. But this week I am happy to report that I am so excited about the album I'm recommending today that I've been planning out my post in advance!

The Decemberists new album is called The Hazards of Love and is out now on Capitol. It is different than anything they've done before which will, no doubt, cause a love/hate relationship with the album for many f
ans. I am firmly on the love side of things. Hazards of Love is a rock opera of sorts, telling the story of young Margaret, her lover William, his sinister forest queen mother, and a most awful rake. The songs blend together seamlessly creating an epic drama that plays out in true Decemberists fashion. One of the highlights here are the guest vocalists. Jenny Stark of Lavender Diamond Voices Margaret, and Shara Warden of My Brightest Diamond voices the forest queen.

You can check out a song from the album here, though I think it is best appreciated as a whole. For someone like me who has always enjoyed The Decemberists in vast part because they are wonderful storytellers, this album is a dream.

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