Thursday, March 20, 2008

Style Concept for Spring/Summer 2008

I've been drawn to messy things lately. Like the stylistic equivalent of a bit of dirt under your fingernails, I can't stop staring out outfits that are hastily thrown together or torn. Things that look well worn and comfortable yet pop because they are personal and unique to whomever is wearing them. So, with that in mind, here is my Style Concept for Spring/Summer 2008.

COMFORT! It has been a hard lesson to learn, but I think I've finally gotten it through my thick skull that I feel and look best when I’m truly at ease in whatever I’m wearing. I like things I can move in and not worry about. I like things I know are still going to look good when I bend over or sit down or run around. When I feel happy and free I look better. My clothes should make me feel that way.

Recently I started a style collage folder on my computer. Every time I’m browsing online and come across a look that stops me in my tracks I add it to the folder. What I’ve noticed is that I seem to go for a very simple color palate with splashes of vibrant color added in some subtle way. Also, I LOVE boy’s clothes. I like a very specific sort of jaunty, boyish style that I would like to try and incorporate into my own wardrobe. I've decided it's not so much about replicating a look, but about capturing the essence of what inspires me when I look at someone and think, "Wow, they are completely, eye-catchingly awesome."

SO, all that being said, here are a few specific ideas and items that have got me all fired up about me stylistic options for this spring and summer.

There is a bathing suit that I saw at Old Navy the other day. I looked on their website for a picture but there isn't one. It's black with neon stripes. I love this bathing suit with a fiery passion. It's an electronica dance party brought to life in the form of swimwear.

I finally ordered this sweatshirt after months of longing. I have this vision of myself wearing it with my simple little sundresses and Doc Martin boots. I don't have the boots yet, but they're on my list. Something about this combination pleases me. I like the idea of stomping around in a white sundress and heavy boots.

I am still wary of this whole high-waisted shorts craze that is going around. However, I am all for shorts with pleats. These look pleasantly baggy without being over the top. I can picture myself wearing them with a white cotton tee, a pair of gladiator sandals and my favorite aviator sunglasses.

It's an evolving idea, and seeing as I'll be going overseas next week I may come back with something completely different in my head. But this is a start.

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